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"Do you know my name? "
"No." I reply.
" Ulma " She says. " .. And I'm very old ! "
"Take me a picture because you'll never meet a woman with this name! "
" .. then do me a big smile Ulma ! " I tell her.
Ulma didn't smile . I photographed her so proud of her unusual name and deadly serious. He was in the gym doing exercise in the afternoon.
Paul, a former executive manager of a company, a man of great culture , is in the room with Marino , a former agent of commerce. There are no friends. They respect each other. I Give  Paolo a jazz CD , a genre that he loves and listens to it immediately , eager for news. Marino , a man of few words, stares at me . I smile at him and ask him if he listens to jazz, I also promise him a CD. I answered no. She is holding an old clock with broken strap .
Mario and his brother Paul share the same room. They've been together for a lifetime and do not separate each other  in the nursing home either.
Mario is always happy, a jovial person , one that touches the nurses' back. A fun life that has made acceptable the old age. His brother , calmer and slower in movements proudly shows me a picture of when he was young.
A former homeless is looking at me, not saying a word. Claim a photo, but without asking, only with his eyes. I do it to him and show it to him by the camera display. His smile lights me up. I promise the print, but he does not want it.
A century-old woman fixes her hair by hairdresser. "she's still very vain" tells me  her daughter who comes to see her every day.
A nurse dispenses smiles and love to all as if she had 100 grandparents.
Italy lives in a world of her own , she says she has 5 children and I repeates like a chant the names. She sweet and affectionate as the teddy bear clutching on her chest.
Rocco comes every day to find his wife suffering from Alzheimer's . He shows me a picture in which attends the inauguration of the biggest bell in the world.

Life is slow in the last house, punctuated by meals, music and recreational activities of the staff, by the prayers.
Old age is the time of the statements. You can imagine looking into the eyes of the older guests.
Never ask about past  and youth to old people more sullen and irritable. Better to talk about something else.
It's late is 20,in the last house the lights switches off. The toughest watch TV. Soon everyone will be in bed.
Some will think and remember the dark, others more or less restless sleep soundly.
But tomorrow ... tomorrow there will be coffee and cake for breakfast!

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